Ogle's are pleased to announce the launch of their EMS DK28/42/55 Drive Couplings that are a direct and interchangeable replacement for the former UCDC-28/42/55 Range of Couplings.

Initial stock is on the shelf, for next day delivery, including:

  • Most Metric Couplings
  • Most Imperial Couplings
  • Grp2 and Grp3 1:8 Taper Couplings
  • Grp2 1:5 Taper Couplings
  • ISO 8 Spline Couplings

The DK55 and the New DK60 Data Sheet will be ready soon.

Data Sheets and a Retail Price List

Custom manufactured couplings to drawing can be supplied for quantity orders. (length, part numbering and labelling etc)